GMO debate kicks into high gear on Web

In Agribusiness on July 21, 2009 at 2:36 pm

This is what production agriculture is up against. What’s your opinion? It’s an e-mail that appeared in my inbox about five minutes ago. I post it for your review and comment:

Hi there!

What do you think?

By purchasing GMOs, so consumers create a future ripe with strong crops and health for all, or do we fall victim to food toxicity and corporate control?

Changemakers is proud to present our GMO Risk or Rescue Global Challenge to find projects/innovations/solutions that help consumers understand the impact of their food choices. Winners are decided by the community throughout the entry process by giving their fave idea a thumbs up.

The winner will win a one on one convo with Michael Pollan of The Omnivore’s Dilemma fame.

You can participate or share the news with your readership to participate. Share your two centswith us as well.

Thank you for helping spread the news.

Warm regards,

Tyler Ahn

Community Manager

Ashoka’s Changemakers
1700 N Moore Street, Suite 2000
Arlington, VA 22209 USA

T +1.703.600.8200 E

  1. Dude, there is more to what we’re doing here than coming to share opinion, although it is important, we are looking for products or services that help consumers understand their food choices. One of the biggest issues that anti-GMO folks grapple with is that they aren’t labeled as such so unless they are “heirloom” basically any product we consume is fair game. The pro-GMO side are touting that the products that many americans already consume are healthy and can be the “golden” solution to all sorts of nutrition related issues. So what are you doing aside from blogging about it? Do you have a project that help consumers know what they are putting in their mouths? If you do, then post it on the challenge. We feel that the consumers deserve to know and to be in a position to decide for themselves whether or not they want to consume GMOs. Right now, we are all living in the dark.

    • You obviously did not read my post from yesterday before blasting me, but that’s OK.
      Unlike you, I am apolitical on this deal. I believe consumer information is very important. (I said that in my post too.) But my role is to blog about it, not to join or found advocacy groups on either side of the issue. I, too, want to stimulate appropriate and civil discourse about the issue so that the consumer, who is, as I point out, the most important player in this arena, is best served.

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