Be the best vanilla possible

In Agribusiness, Agricultural Entrepreneurship, Innovation on April 21, 2009 at 8:51 pm

Food has many characteristics that make it special. Texture. Color. But most important is: Flavor.

And in much the same way, people, companies, ideas and brands can have flavors that make them special.

One flavor that gets a really bad rap is vanilla. It is sometimes synonymous with bland, plain and average.

But when it comes to food, vanilla can actually be quite extraordinary. A rich, delicious vanilla shake. Thick, warm vanilla pudding. Just a hint of real Mexican vainilla in your dad’s famous whole wheat waffles.

Well, it works the same way in the non-culinary world. Sometimes it’s not about trying to be a completely different flavor. It’s about intensity, amount and how the flavor is applied. It’s about finding a new way to unlock the possibilities that lay in something seemingly mundane and everyday.

Imagine that:

Cheerios are pacifiers that create happier family outings

Beef jerky is the perfect diet food for men

Grapes are great bedtime snacks for kids and parents

It’s all in how you look at things. Vanilla can be plain or it can be the farthest thing from it.


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