NAMA keynote speaker highlights need for differentiation

In Agribusiness, Agricultural Marketing on April 16, 2009 at 3:30 pm

This year’s opening keynote speaker at the 2009 National Agri-Marketing Association convention in Atlanta, Scott McKain, highlighted the need for differentiation with his four cornerstones:

Clarity – To grab attention and guarantee satisfaction, you have to be precise about who and what you are. You cannot differentiate what you cannot define.

Creativity – Distinctive organizations find some unique twist, some original spin to put on the interaction that they have with customers.

Communication – While we often hear about the importance of that topic, what our research clearly shows is that today’s customer wants to be engaged by a compelling narrative. Tell the story of your product, your company and your service in a manner that involves customers and prospects.

Customer-Experience Focus – This is more than the old “focus on the customer” line we’ve heard for years. Today’s Ag customer centers purchase decisions as much on feelings as facts and figures. In other words, how they feel about your marketing — and the experience and emotional connectivity they have with your organization and people — are the primary determinates of what they will buy and refer.

As reported by NAMA


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