Welcome to the new ag world order

In Agribusiness, Agricultural Entrepreneurship, Innovation on March 19, 2009 at 3:34 am

Agriculture and agribusiness are much like the rest of the world, ever-changing and fast becoming a flat landscape where the rules favor no one.

And because there are fewer distinct advantages in terms of natural resources and access to technology, the best way to be competitive is to assemble a really good team and give it room to innovate.

Just as there is no other person like you, there is no other team like the one you put together. Another company can have all the same knowledge, skills and experience, but it can’t imitate the special synergy between your team members. Given the chance to be fully creative and cooperative, no other team will generate the quality and magnitude of ideas that your team can.

A really good team is something to be treasured and guarded jealously.

By the same token, it is easier and more critical than ever to be innovative.

We have access to people who are on the whole smarter than ever before and to technology that allows us to access to information that we can turn into proprietary knowledge.

That combination creates the resources necessary to be innovative. And innovation is the necessary component for being competitive.

The new ag world order demands that we continually reinvent ourselves in terms of our businesses. It might be a process innovation. It could be a complete makeover of your product line. Or it could mean it’s time for you to start a value-added business from your farm.

In any case, do so in the knowledge that the worst thing is to do nothing.

Your future starts with your decision.


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